Corey Jungclaus

The Heartbreak Kids: Season 2.16

Always looking for a physical and creative outlet for an overactive imagination yoga seemed to call out to her even at a young age.

However, it would take years for her to brave an actual yoga studio. A subsequent teacher training enforced the importance of a teacher-student relationship. It was no coincidence that she met her teacher during the early stages of her husband’s recovery. For the first time in a long time, she learned what it meant to have a teacher truly see her and not just the physical shapes.


The Ashtanga method has been transformational and the consistency of the practice allows for confidence to build in a spirit that was lacking. The real gift has been recognizing that validation must come from within rather from outside oneself,
“Redemptions slow but it’s the only way to go”
Heartbreak Kids Podcast
Corey Jungclaus

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