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The Heartbreak Kids: Season 2.13

In the 12th step of recovery, we turn outwards to our fellow man who are still in distress. So I wrote my book and shared my story to give back and to help others who are struggling with addiction find hope and help them see the light. Sharing my story was healing for me, because by sharing my story, I was helping others. It was so powerful and affirming for me.


When I started The Heartbreak Kids Podcast, I wanted to give my students the same opportunity. I wanted them to share their stories so that they could process their path and also be able to reach others who had been through similar things. And it worked better than I could have imagined. After each episode, people reached out to the people I interviewed and connected my students with people they could help. Out of the podcast, friendships were formed, strong connections were made, people who once felt lost have found belonging. They are helping each other heal. It is inspiring to watch it evolve to much more than a yoga community and much more than a podcast. I am grateful for the powerful group of misfits that surround me, its the strongest community I have ever been a part of, and it is full of the most amazing people who encourage and inspire each other in their lives and in their practice.


So in an effort to let my students shine, in this next episode of the podcast, instead of me interviewing students, one of my long time students, Patrick Moore interviewing me. You may know Patrick from the many t-shirts he designed for me and that many of my students own. What you also may not know, is that he also created the iconic AYC logo that bonds students near and far. I cant wait for you guys to hear it.
Heartbreak Kids Podcast
Taylor Hunt

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