Kei Kaimana

The Heartbreak Kids: Season 2.14

Kei Kaimana has been practicing yoga for most of their life, in many states across the USA, as a way to return to their body.
They learned Ashtanga Yoga as a kid, but ran away from the practice in favor of dance, boxing, and vinyasa yoga until recently.
Kei currently lives in Ann Arbor MI, where they are a writer, part time yoga teacher, and dog parent. As a trauma survivor living with chronic illnesses and complex-PTSD, and as a person in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, Kei comes to the mat to come back to the present.


After compounding health issues helped Kei reevaluate a lifelong academic career, they have focused on yoga for healing themself and gradually as an offering for trauma survivors and communities of color.


Kei believes that each person has the right to learn the movement of their own body, to know its strength and to feel its support. Kei practices Ashtanga Yoga to stay true and to feel free within the boundaries of daily life.
Heartbreak Kids Podcast
Kei Kaimana

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